Yushan Yan

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Phone: (302) 831-2552

Email: yanys@udel.edu

Office: 102 Dupont Hall

Journalists: Andrea Boyle Tippett (UD Media Relations) can assist with interview requests for this expert. 302-831-1421, aboyle@udel.edu
  • Works to develop new materials for use in renewable energy applications and electronics.
  • <p>Specializes in zeolites (porous minerals composed of aluminum, silicon and oxygen) and their use in creating new materials. &nbsp;Yan has used zeolites in materials for computer chips, coatings for the space station and aircraft, as well as desalination membranes (to remove salt from salt water).</p>
  • <p>Engineers catalysts and membranes for fuel cells, in hopes of creating cheaper, more durable products.</p>

Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

In The News:
Alternative fuel cell technology can cut down the cost substantially (Business Standard-Online)

UDaily Articles:
Yan group sets performance targets for alternative fuel cell technology
UD awarded $1.8 million through new ARPA-E program aimed at transforming energy storage, conversion

fuel cell, zeolites, renewable energy