Burton A Abrams


Phone: (302) 831-1900

Email: abramsb@udel.edu

Office: 454 Purnell Hall

Journalists: Andrea Boyle Tippett (UD Media Relations) can assist with interview requests for this expert. 302-831-1421, aboyle@udel.edu
  • Work focuses on banking regulations and monetary policy.
  • Examines the effect of government policies on economic growth. Abrams conducts cost-benefit analyses of government programs. Has written recent journal articles examining federal stimulus programs, including "cash for clunkers" and appliance rebates.
  • Past work includes evaluating the economic performance of U.S. senators and representatives. Has investigated the influence of political pressures on the Federal Reserve, even reviewing the Nixon tapes for evidence of pressure from the White House.
  • Has consulted for the Federal Trade Commission.

Curriculum Vitae:

Professor, Economics

In The News:
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Cash-for-clunkers rebates offered on new appliances (USA Today)
Clunkernomics: It's not so simple (Miller-McCune)
Buy new appliance now, and it will pay (Philadelphia Inquirer)

UDaily Articles:
Econ-E scores legislators on efficiency
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macroeconomics, economics, government spending, stimulus , politics